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2017 Pickled & Fermented Festival

September 23rd 2pm-6pm, Center of the Universe Brewing Company

Pickle Lovers Unite! The Artisan Pickle Club is hosting Pickled & Fermented - a celebration of all things pickled and fermented! We’re talking more than pickled cucumbers here - we don't discriminate when it comes to pickled things. Pickled fruit, pickled veggies, hot sauce, kimchi, BEER, Kombucha… if it’s pickled or fermented, we’re celebrating it!


Join us at Center of the Universe Brewing Company for a day of pickle tastings, live music from Ashland’s Buckeville Hootenany, a pickle themed beer and loads of pickle shenanigans!

Activities include:

  • Announcement of our 2017 Pickle Competition Winners (enter here:
  • Pickling and fermenting demonstrations
  • A pickle juice drinking competition
  • Pickle sampling
  • All the pickle fun you could ever have in one setting
$5 gets you a pickle pass for sampling all the delicious things. Once your pass has been stamped by our vendors, you can use it to vote for your favorite vendor. It's also your entry into our drawing for fun prizes!
2pm: Kevin Church of Postbellum: How to Make Greek Yogurt
2:30pm: Mike Ledesma of Kabana Rooftop: How to make Kimchi
3pm: Darryl Boyd of Pasture: How to Pickle Fruit
3:30pm: Kellie Jordan of get BUBBLY: How to Make Traditional Sauerkraut
4pm: Chef Coco of Tricycle Gardens: How to Make Pickled Zucchini
4:30pm: Diana Sbaitri of Cru Premier Catering: How to Make Persian Pickles
5pm: David Hunsaker of Village Garden: How to Make Hot Sauce/Hot Pepper Tasting
5:30pm: Abbie Toner of Eat Smart Now: How to Make Quick Pickles
Buckville Hootenanny will be taking the stage from 2-5pm, so get here early and get in on the fun!
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