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2016 Pickled + Fermented Festival

Dear Pickle Lovers, Finally There’s A Festival Just For You!

The First Annual Pickled And Fermented Festival Takes Place May 14th At Center of the Universe Brewing Company at 1pm

The Artisan Pickle Club is hosting Pickled & Fermented ­ a celebration of all things pickled and fermented! We’re talking more than pickled cucumbers here. The Artisan Pickle Club isn’t all about pickled cucumbers ­ they don’t discriminate when it comes to pickled things. Pickled fruit, pickled veggies, hot sauce, kimchi, BEER, Kombucha, sourdough bread... if it’s pickled or fermented, we’re celebrating it!

Join us at Center of the Universe Brewing Company for a day of pickle tastings, live music from Ashland’s Buckeville Hootenany, a pickle themed beer and loads of pickle shenanigans! We will also be hosting the very first Best Pickled and Fermented Competitions!

Best Pickled & Fermented Competitions
The Artisan Pickle Club is soliciting entries from any restaurant and home pickler or fermenter in the Richmond Region. If you love to pickle and ferment things, this is for you! Judges will be naming the best local pickler and fermenter in each of the following categories:

  • Sweet Pickles- fruits, vegetables, bread & butter, and other sweet edible pickles
  • Savory Pickle-fruits, vegetables & dill savory edible pickles
  • Relishes - Chow-Chow, Piccalilli, Pickle, Chutney
  • Cabbage-kimchi & kraut
  • Drinkable Ferments- kombucha, shrubs & kefir (sorry no alcohol allowed)
  • Sourdough bread

2016 RVA Pickled & Fermented Judges:

Abbie Toner, Eat Smart

Ashley Ray, Artisan Pickle Club

Brandon Fox, Style Weekly

Karen Grisevich, GrowRVA

Larkin Garbee, Artisan Pickle Club

Stephanie Ganz, RVANews + The Apple Cart

A few of the Picklers and Fermenters

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